Unlock the Magic in YOU!

Live the life you have always dre​amed of.  We invite you to join us on a journey of self discovery, letting go, radical self love, d​eep healing, and SOUL ​ALIG​NMENT!

At Soul Therapy we take a spiritual approach to guiding you along your path towards fulfillment.    We specialize in transformation using different modalities, exercises and philosophies to provide you with a personalized holistic approach to your journey inward and unlock your magic.


A Wellness Journey

Come Join us in one of our Mobile Wellness Centers.  If you are a healer and looking for a sacred space to practice, Please contact us to see if we are aligned to work together.  Zen-V is a Wellness RV equipped for all healing modalities.  Some include Vibroacoustic Sound/ Frequency Therapy, Infared Sauna, Crystal Bed Therapy, Reiki, white light healings, hypnosis, transformational coaching, Shamanic healing journeys, astrology, meditation, functional medicine/nutrition, massage , CEREMONIES and more!!!

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Healing and History

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Reiki Therapy (Usui)

This Ancient hands on healing method  is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. ... Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Promotes well being, reduces stress, energy blockages and works gently on the physical, emotional and spiritual body.


Transformational Coaching

One to one session with an ICF certified coach devoted to bringing curiosity, compassion and courage in a sacred space meeting  you where u are at the present moment. You can choose to delve into any level of self exploration that you are willing to.  From dreams to  blockages, expanding your view or a Journey to more Joy. The possibilities are infinite.  Lets co-create the life you have always dreamed of.

1 Hour $155.00

Packages available

Crystal Healing

Throughout history crystals have been used  for healing. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Mayans and many others have used crystals in a theraputic/medicinal way as well as spiritual.   Crystals work together with the human energy body and can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. Working with crystalline energy helps the body to find it’s natural rhythm. Crystal healing is essentially the ‘laying on’ of stones of different vibrational rates onto the body in order to effect healing and change. It may also involve laying out different energy grids or specific patterns of crystals around the body. By using grids, the combination of the stones can enhance their individual properties, and direct energy.

30 minute session  $50.00

Vibroacoustic/Sound Therapy

Healing using solfeggio frequencies delivering various HZ to the body through music.  This works on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  Since the body is %70 water sound waves travel through very effectively and achieve deep cellular stimulation. The nerve bundles of the brain stem, spine, and limbic system are stimulated.  The body is sent a signal to relax.  The brain is flooded with chemicals that have a positive effect, lifting moods and healing.  

Layer I  $44

Layer II  $77

Layer III  $111

Out of this world $222

Hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosis and NLP are powerful ways to access the subconscious mind to help with a wide variety of possibilities for change.  From fear and anxiety to reprogramming yourself for more confidence and self love.  It is all possible when you allow yourself to surrender.  

1 hour session $200

Packages Available 

Workshops,  Events & Retreats

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Soul Therapy is a very alive and exciting community of healers, teachers, alchemists, coaches, crystal artisans and other energy medicine workers who share events on all things from astrology, meditation,shamanic ceremonies to  "journey's to self love", & Sound Healing. There are so many wonderful ways to heal and connect.   We also have events that bring our community together in joy and elevating consciousness.   Our retreats are organized and facilitated with the highest integrity and geared to align individuals with their divine purpose.  Individual needs at retreats are tailored for your personal growth and highest potential.  You will have a one to one meeting with a guide to work on customizing your unique experience. 

Past Life Regression Therapy

Using Guided Hypnosis access previous experiences and lives.  These sessions allow you to travel backwards through prior existences.  Many have found deep healing through this discovery and overcame behaviors, limiting beliefs as well as physical and emotional and mental conditions.  This hypnosis also provides a gateway to the path of forgiveness and deep compassion.


Meditation & Aromatherapy

A one to one 30 minute session either

silent using a mantra, guided, or breathing meditations with a trained instructor who will guide you on how to begin your practice of silencing the mind.  By engaging with a particular meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.  The alchemy of essential oils are incorporated into the session when you set the intention for the meditation that deepens your connection and level of healing. 

30 minute session     $50.00

12 Week Journey to Soul Alignment

  • 1:1 Healing ,Coaching,Teaching Experience

*Clearing and Purging using baths sage, palo santo and other tools

*Deep Healing Inner Child work/Shadow work

*Setting Intentions & Goals

*Exploring thoughts, patterns & triggers and somatic awareness

*Accountability, Homework and Journaling (autowriting)

*Frequency Healing and Awareness

Using Essential oils, color therapy, crystals and mantras and affirmations

*Breathwork, meditation, chanting

*Reiki, white light & vibroacoustic/sound therapy

*Intuitive guidance coaching & Teaching

*NLP techniques for triggers

*Master your inner voice from higher guidance

*Using the art of Ritual to Manifest and heal

Vision boards and Mindfulness

*Ascension Ceremony

2-3hours per week for 12 weeks 


Crystal Bed 

Chakra healing and balancing with chromotherapy and Frequency healing.  This unique bed is from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil which has been known for miraculous healings.  33 minute session


Sarah healings

A hands on healing experience channeling in Ascended Master Sarah and her angelic realm.  Sarah is new to this reality and is her to help ascension on earth through the divine alchemy of her lilac flame.  Sarah is the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus). She comes to us now to assist in the ascension process of the earth as well as humanity offering balance and healing. Her energy is not limited to any being, as the animal and plant kingdoms also benefit from her loving presence. This is a three part system consisting of Sarah’s Angels who raise your vibration to allow you to connect with your Divine I Am Presence or Higher Self. The second aspect offers clearing, cleansing and transforming of any discordant energy with Sarah’s aspect of The Violet Flame. Then Sarah Herself who is often seen as a green column of light representing the rebirth of Spring, then completes the session weaving her energy into your energy field and grounding you into the now 5D Ascension Grid that is present on the earth. Allow Sarah to be your guide to bring forth the+ greater potential of you.  

$88 per session


Custom Programs for Small Businesses to Corporations providing an in-depth Method for reaching the root opportunity for transformation on the organizational level. This only BEGINS at the seminar level.  Soul Therapy believes that integration and confidentiality are key on the individual level to access authenticity and joy in the workplace.  This leads to high performing happy contributors! Please email with questions.

Upcoming Events

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Saturday 4/1/2023

Soul Mate


"Soul Mate Workshop"


@Near Lake Topanemus, Freehold NJ

Address given with event registration

Saturday 10am-6pm



Re-birthing the Divine Creator Within

"Rebirthing the Divine Creator Within"

 (A chakra Series)

Join Elana of Soul Therapy & Lauren of Honeybee Lane for a 7 part series of healing the chakras through creation and ritual

Sunday 10-11:30am


SPRING Cleaning. for y our mind body & Spirit

"Chamber of the violet flame" 

Using the energy of the Violet Flame to alchemise all that is not aligned with your higher self" Join us as we guide you through discovering areas in need of alignment using Reiki, sound healing , and transformational coaching.  


@Near Lake Topanemus, Freehold NJ

Address given with event registration

Sunday 10-11:30 am

Wed 5/7/2023

SPRING Cleaning. for y our mind body & Spirit

"Spring Cleaning" A guide to cleaning up the energy in your life.


@Near Lake Topanemus, Freehold NJ

Address given with event registration

Sunday 10-11 am