My name is Elana Haros.   I have been a healer and a teacher for as long as I can remember just not knowing how or what to do with these gifts.  The gift of connectivity translated into being a really good friend, sibling,confidant and free counselor to all.  I had often found myself drained and doing a lot of "fixing" in relationships.  So I went on a quest.....A journey deep within to the core of my being.  Many synchronicities along the way including the meaning of both my first and last name gave me further validation.  Elana means "bright light" and Haros is greek for "angel of death".  Death in sprirituality is another word for transformation.  It is the end of a present way of being thus to allow something new to flourish.  After many healings and years dedicated to my path it became very clear to me that I needed to create a community of light workers in service of humanity who are devoted to empowering others activate their joy and purpose in their present lives.  You are a gift, we see you, we honor you and we love you without judgement or expectations.